iB Real Estate

iB Real Estate

is a leading firm providing brokerage services for business and private sector. The company specializes in commercial real estate for the high and low tech industries  as well as  luxury apartments for both the business and private sector.
Founded and owned  by Ilanit Bachar  to meet the needs and finding solutions for the increasing demands  of business owners as well as companies and high-tech companies searching for a property rental or acquisition at the Diamond Exchange District area , called in Israel  the "Bursa" in Ramat Gan and the "City Area" in Givataiim. 

The firm specializes in commercial real estate and it is a  "one stop shop"  for a comprehensive solution to property owners as well as many satisfied customers.

The firm provides swift response, reliable quality and will provide connection to all necessary services which required to complete envelope solution:

☮ Architectural consultancy (interior design)
☮  Stiilinig
☮  Construction and repair services
☮  Legal Advice
☮  Mortgage counseling

iB real estate under the administration of  Ilanit which has many years of experience combined with very good personal relationships and excellent interpersonal skills you will find the perfect solution to the customer's satisfaction.

The firm's practice areas:

☮ Commercial real-estate
☮ Offices for rent
☮ Offices for sale
☮ Rental properties
☮ Apartments for rent
☮ Homes for Sale

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Our offices located in:
Givataiim, Shahar Tower, 4 Ariel Sharon St.

☎ - +972-54-5909019
✉ -[email protected]